Verbeeld jezelf,
Verbeeld de wereld,
Verbeeld je fantasie,

Waar als jij je verliest in je verbeelding
Ken geen grenzen aan je verbeelding..."

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Lacara, The Voice of Europe

Lacara, The Voice of Europe



You, my land
Once you were one
Covered with roses
It was I, who gave you my name

Europe my land
Cold in the North
With beautiful light and long shadows
High cliffs above the sea

You are Europe
Warm in the South
With olives, agaves, the smell of thyme
Marble, and ochre sand.

Are you still my Europe?
You people care for my land
Open the borders
united again

I love you my people
Me, Europe, once your queen and namergiver
I will cover you with roses and golden rain
when you love me back again

Lacara, Dance my friend

Lacara, Kust